Foundation of PROGRASS

PROGRASS: Developing a holistic, interdisciplinary approach for an “Integrated Biomass and Carbon Management” – IBCM

While the RE-DIRECT project is nearing its end, there is still a lot of work ahead for many partners and numerous new stakeholders. In order to continue to pursue the findings from the project and the steps that have been started and to actually establish circular economies, several institutions have now come together as an association to continue to pursue this goal together even after RE-DIRECT:

PROGRASS – The European Network for a Circular Carbon Economy

Find out more about the new PROGRASS association via this link:


Smart use of Biomass for Alternative Carbon Products – The video

Based on innovative European Research and Development projects the our European network has developed a unique approach to use waste biomass for alternative carbon products.

We have been collaborating since 2008 and gained profound experiences both on scientific and practical levels.

The video below explains our approach and outlines our development strategies and potentials.

Dont hesitate to contact us via our PROGRASS network site.

New PYREG-plant active now in Baden Baden

In Baden-Baden, the first PYREG plant with steam activation has now been put into operation. With the brand new PYREG plant A500, the city wants to test various regional biomasses for activated carbon production as part of the EU research project RE-DIRECT (INTERREG North-West Europe NWE). The plant periphery is currently still under construction. The first material tests are already being carried out in parallel.
Participants of our RE-DIRECT conference will have the opportunity to visit the plant on 26.02.2019.

Find out more here (in German).

Conference in Baden Baden on 26./27.02.2019

The project consortium of the RE-DIRECT project invites you to its European conference taking place in Baden-Baden, Germany, on the 26th and 27th of February, 2019.

The conference aims at discussing the current state of play, sharing and learning from innovative practices, exploring ways forward for using regional biomass for circular products and economic transformation. Apart from the one-day conference, you can visit the first large-scale IFBB-plant which has very recently been extended with a pyrolysis and activation unit for converting regional biomass to activated carbon.

Moreover, the conference offers the opportunity for producers of alternative coal products to show their products in our market place. The market place will be open the whole conference day on 27.02.2019.

Please find the conference agenda here

Please use the link to register for the conference:


It is a matter of survival

Migration and Climate Change are strong connected. Many people are dying in the Mediterranean as perspectives due to climate change are disappearing in Africa. Kebul from the Initiative “GreenUp1Million” from Gambia is in Bonn at the COP23 to enable necessary changes for stopping Climate Change.

Interview by Angela Monica