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RE-DIRECT stand for Regional Development and Integration of unused biomass wastes as Resources for Circular products and economic Transformation

Each year, approx. 34 MT of residual biomass occur in urban and rural areas of North-West Europe (NWE). On the other hand, there is an increasing demand in carbon feed-stock, not only for fuel purposes but also for products, for instance in the waste water sector for activated carbon that is currently imported from African or Asian countries.

RE-DIRECT aims to set up decentralised conversion units to convert residual biomass into alternative carbon products. We will also focus on activated carbon to be used for clearing regional waste water and contaminated sites.

The project aims to create a network for alternative carbon products and promote the collection, production and value chain management of alternative coal and carbon products as a starting point to circular economy. With this it will benefit to global climate, but will also contribute to foster regional economy and deliver smart solutions to remidate contaminated sites and eliminate hazardous micro-pollutants.

RE-DIRECT and the Climate Change Conference (COP23) 2017 in Bonn

In the Framework of the COP23 thousands of protestors have been demonstrating for a reduction of  fossile coal production and utilisation.

RE-DIRECT aims to create alternative feedstock to coal and promotes alternative carbon products from unused grass and landscape materials.

RE-DIRECT is catching opinions and interviews from delegates and experts and sets up a networking space for people and projects developing alternatives to coal.

What we have been doing can be discovered in Baden-Baden where the first RE-DIRECT plant has been constructed and an INTEGRATED BIOMASS CONCEPT has been developed.

Have a look in the video of our previous COMBINE project.

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RE-DIRECT is part of the PROGRASS network which has been developing innovative approaches to recover bio-energy and carbon products since 2008 in different European projects.
We are planning to have a big international conference in Autum 2018 in Baden-Baden where we are going to present the first large scale conversion plant in connection with an Integrated Biomass Concept.
In connection with the conference we will have a fair for alternative coal products and an award for the most innovative products and regional value chains.
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In case you were wondering what the IFBB + Pyrolysis process does, here's a brilliant video of the full-scale plant at Baden Baden in Germany. We get serious equipment-envy when looking at their installation! https://t.co/5jAoNvdoNI #redirect_biomass

More playing with big toys at Ffarm Moelyci project #redirect_biomass . The big 40kVa generator has to be lifted into position as the initial power supply before we start generating power from biogas. Unfortunately this telehandler was not up to the job so the genny stayed put

Now, where was that wiring diagram? exploring the control systems in the Bioqube AD + CHP units. After a long stand out of use in the Scottish Highlands, everything needs checking: batteries are flat and the cows have been chewing the external wiring. #redirect_biomass


Now that the IFBB plant is in place on the former composting site, it's pretty well hidden away on the farm. The old composting barn still looms over the revised site. #redirect_biomass

The newly arrived plant in daylight at Ffarm Moelyci with Jonathan Walker of AMW arboreal checking which bits are missing. It was one BIG Jigsaw puzzle. #redirect_biomass

In November last year, we set out the sleepers to sit the Biomas plant units on. It was a lovely day, but the plant arrived on four huge trucks from AMW Arboreal in Kingussie 8 hrs late, so we had to unload everything in the dark. #redirect_biomass


It seems mad that it's already 9 months since we started clearing the iste for the farm scale Biomass plant as part of the #redirect_biomass project. Time flies when one's having fun!


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