Giving a like on facebook is not an action against Climate Change

Jila from Indonesia states that there´s a need of collective and direct actions instead of giving likes on facebook. The increase of campaigns could stop the climate change most effective. And even though it is hard to replace fossil fuels because it is cheap there are perfect alternatives like geothermal systems. Also biomass is a great opportunity to change behaviour in espacially rural areas, where lot´s of fossil fuels is used.

Interview by Angela Monica

Stop wasting resources!

Emine from Morocco is worrying about the future of the planat. As a mother she cares about what could happen to the next generation if climate change isn´t stopped. One very important action is to convince people to stop wasting resources – that means to consider the everyday use of food and engergy for instance.

Interview bei Angela Monica.

What will happen to the next Generation?

Akajanga from the Victoria Lake Region is wondering how the effects of climate change like floods, irregular rain patterns and global warming are affecting our next generation. He thinks, that biomass and solar engery are very important for ending the use of fossil fuels that are responsible for a large scale of the climate change.

Interview by Ginthushaann Indirakumar

Biomass is a solution – but not everywhere available

We were talking to Merwan from Morocco – a youth delegate of the young people climate summit COY13. He mentions a one month lasting festival in Morocco where uge amounts of coal are used for BBQs. Also products extracted from biomass could help stop the climate change – but one problem could be a missing availability in strong affect areas in the world.

Interview by Angela Monica

Taking German Railway to the way to Bonn…

The German Railway (Deutsche Bahn) is obviously quite an important player as mobility provider in the climate change discussion.

This morning I travelled to Cologne in a specially designed train…

Why not approaching “die Bahn” (the German Railway) to promote RE-DIRECT and alternative carbon products???!!!

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